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It’s been three weeks now since what’s been termed the 2011 Super Outbreak of tornadoes.  In this part of the country, one doesn’t have to look very hard to tell that some serious stuff went down that day. Lots of blue roofs and fallen trees. Many, many people are still struggling to piece their lives back together.

But, most of the power has been restored and the rural roads are now clear enough to bike on, so I’ve been back at it. I took a short ride the Saturday after the tornadoes (April 30) and a longer ride the following Saturday, which actually crossed through the track of an EF4. Wow. Photos cannot do that justice, I promise you.

The Times Free Press recently ran an article about how relief agencies have all the used clothing and toys they can handle.  However, there are STILL ways to help. One thing I’ve heard is that lots of people need food that doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration (Beenie Weenies and the like).  There are collection centers in town. Calvary Chapel looks to have  pretty well organized effort on that front.   And the best collection of lists in town is still at the WRCB website. They’ve divided needs into SE Tenn., N. Georgia, and NE Alabama.

Anyway, with all the websites and twittering out there, one might think the humble church sign is a thing of the past, but I’ve found some pertinent information and ways to help on those signs as I bicycle through North Georgia. Here are three:

Flintstone, Georgia

Elizabeth Lee UMC; Chickamauga, Georgia

Wallaceville, Georgia


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