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Zzzzzzzzz….wha? How’zit?  Wha’ time is it? What? It’s summer?? Niiiceeeee.

Okay, so as the school year ended and I developed a summer routine, this blog lay neglected.  I’m back now. By this time tomorrow, I will have some exciting announcements regarding summer reading dates.

For now, your PhotoWednesday comes a day early.  Last night was the Bessie Smith Strut in Chattanooga.  The Empress of the Blues was born here in the late 1800s, and the festival which bears her name is a celebration of blues, BBQ, summer, and the historically African-American neighborhood where the festival occurs. It is, in short, the best day of the Chattanooga year.  I’ve been on summer break for over a week now, but it’s not officially summer until I sit on a curb listening to blues, digging into a rib plate, and sopping the sauce up with a piece of white bread. After I’ve had my fill of that, I grab a cheap cold beer and join the throng of people “strutting” up Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Now, last night, I had to hustle over to the Strut from a kayaking trip on the Tennessee River (perfect day? I think yes.), so I didn’t have my camera. These shots are from the 2010 Strut, but that’s okay, because, like Christmas and other great days of the year, the best thing about the Strut is how it much it stays the same.

smoke from grills wafts over the entire length of the Strut

smoke from grills wafts a haze over the entire crowd

a gap in the crowd along the Strut

A gap in the crowd along the Strut

I believe this man is in the Task Force for Getting Down

I believe this man serves on the Task Force for Gettin’ Down


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