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I am not any sort of photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures.  I have found that carrying my little point-and-shoot helps me to be an observer. I frequently focus my shots on, well, not so much “architecture” as physical space, and when I’m walking around on any given day, I find myself thinking about how we move in space and what we build there.

This is all a long way of saying that I hope to have a weekly photo posting on this blog which will focus on what we build or how we use it (lots of latitude for interpretation there).  For the next several weeks, I’ll be posting shots from my book travels.  Today, I give you two (two! it’s your lucky hump day!) of the Adams Morgan Metro station.  I took these  late at night on Feb. 5 – the last day of AWP.  I’d been in the station twice every day during the conference and thought it was rather bleak, but the wine good humor of the WVU MFA 10th Anniversary gathering, caused me to see the Metro in a different way.


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